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Clash of Clans is a game that will definitely test one’s patience as it takes almost two years to complete, even if the game if free to play, avid gamers invest a lot of money to pass to the next level and get their hands on valuable resources. Check out these worthy tips that will help you gain victory in Clash of Clans.

The Village Outline Matters

If you’ve got your mind set on collecting trophies, you need to have the best village layout. Some players opt for adding their stack of resources right in the middle of the base and the Town Hall outside, so that the enemies focus on destroying the latter and leaving empty handed (no elixir, no gold). Others prefer to defend the Town Hall and hold on tight to the trophies, you can look for the base designs/layouts online and decide what matters to you most-resources or trophies?

Stick Together With a Clan

You should always be part of a clan as it clearly comes with various advantages, you can either make your own clan or join an already formed one. Your clan can help by sending you troops and you can also engage in a battle, winning a Clan War can bring you a bunch of rewards as well.

Troops Must be Upgraded

If you remember to upgrade the troops, your success is guaranteed as this mean they will be able to survive a lot longer. Tier 1 troops for instance refer to the Archers and Barbarians which must be upgraded constantly, you should also know that higher levels imply costly upgrades for your troops.

Shield Must Not be Broken

The Shield is definitely important as it offers you protection from attackers, you should only attack when the shield is deactivated. You will be notified within the game about the shield time.

Set Town Hall Outside the Walls

Having the Town Hall outside the walls means that you want to focuse more on the loot and not on the trophies. If you opt for adding the Town Hall outside the walls this means you also get a 12 hour free shield after you’ve been attacked.

Upgrade the Defenses

How can you win the game if your defenses are not solid?  You should spend your gold in upgrading these defenses, always buy the best weapons if you want to keep away the invaders.