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BlackBerry has been slowly slipping down the radar as far as being a smartphone manufacturer goes.

This is despite the company trying to spice up demand for their products by opening up popular apps like BBM to other operating systems. Now, they have decided to adopt a popular operating system rather than the other way around.

Display and OS

The BlackBerry Priv becomes the first BlackBerry device to come with an Android operating system at its heart. It will come with the 5.1 version to start with, but it is more likely to receive the latest 6.0 in a short time. The operating system will be presented to the user without much interference from BlackBerry, but there are likely to be a few touches from the Canadian manufacturer to help it stand out from the crowd.

Like every other high-end smartphone today, the BlackBerry Priv comes with a top of the range 5.4-inch display that has every top end feature imaginable. This includes QHD resolution and AMOLED technology to make the display crisp and legible at all times. The device is also one of the few phones to come with a curved screen. However, the talking point of the device comes on the screen.

Standout Feature

Android phones are nowadays largely similar apart from a few details like performance and camera. BlackBerry is hoping to provide a strong selling point to their new product by equipping the device with a physical full QWERTY keyboard, which has long been the big selling point of the company’s phones. Its importance may have reduced in recent years, but it is largely down to the fact that none has managed to integrate this feature seamlessly before the BlackBerry Priv. Just like several other physical keyboards from the company, this keyboard can act as a scrolling device without the need for any additional controls.


Android OS is resource hungry, and BlackBerry has been aware of this aspect. They have provided top notch specifications regardingperformance, and this includes a hexa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM. Snapdragon 808 processors have been the default choice of many high-end phones recently, and this is the case with the BlackBerry Priv. The large display coupled with the highest specifications from the processor see the phone requiring a large 3415 mAh battery at its heart. The phone will cost around $900.