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WhatsApp is probably the most popular messaging app in the current time.

One major inadequacy of WhatsApp is that any WhatsApp account is only connected to a single phone number, thus limiting its use to a single device at one time.

The app on your cellphone will always check for an active phone number. For instance, you are logged in on a device and at the same time you log in to the same account on a second device and verify it. Any attempt to open the first account will not be successful since WhatsApp will detect you are logged in on another device. Consequently, it will ask you to verify, which if you do, the second account will be disconnected. As a result, multi-phone use of a single WhatsApp account on different phones at the same time, normally doesn’t work.

Despite the above constraint, there is a simple procedure, which when you follow accurately, you will be able to achieve the goal of using one WhatsApp account on two different phones at the same time. Even though it’s not the most appropriate method, it works. Using a web interface; WhatsApp Web, is the only currently available way. It does give you the exact duplicate of the native WhatsApp installed on your device.

Using WhatsApp Web

You need to have an active internet connection on the second phone and it can even function without a SIM card. Besides, you should have the two phones side by side because a verification process will necessitate that. Do not be scared that you might have to walk with the two devices everywhere. Only the verification process requires the two phones next to each other.

On the first phone, log in to WhatsApp and on the second, the one you desire to use WhatsApp Web on, open a web browser, probably Chrome.

On the browser go to the link, a link that will re-direct you to WhatsApp home page and then set the browser to desktop mode by clicking on “request desktop site” or “user agent: desktop” via the menu button of the browser. This is dependent on the browser you are using. A web page will open with QR code displayed.

Take the initial phone with the installed running WhatsApp, go to settings options and select “WhatsApp Web”. This will activate the QR code scanner and make it ready to scan. Pointing your camera on the code, complete the scanning process and you will be able to see your messages and contacts in the web version.

With that you can now use the same WhatsApp account on two devices at the same time.

The WhatsApp Web client will work as long as data is on. Logging in on a third device is not possible since it will require you to log out from one of the active devices.