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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the present world.

The search engine giant has succeeded in coming up with high speed, stylish and minimalistic UI for this browser and it also comes with a built-in translator, among many other features.

Developers have taken advantage of the browser’s popularity and fame as they constantly come in with tons of extensions meant for improving the general usability of this application. As the user base of the browser increases, the number and quality of these extensions also keeps improving.

You will be surprised at the huge number of extensions that are available for elevating the experience of regular browsing. A choice of the most effective and useful browser extensions will ensure that your online productivity is much better.

As pointed out earlier, there are tons of extensions that are compatible with Google Chrome and for you to get the most suitable for your needs, you will have to install and use each of them. Don’t worry, we have already done this for you and below is a brief description of what extensions are the best for you.

Avira Browser Safety

It is very essential to install an antivirus program on your device. However, you also need to add a built-in antivirus extension to your browser and Avira is just what you need. This Chrome extension will ensure that it warns you before you visit any potentially malicious website. Also, the Avira Browser Safety extension will mark and monitor malware sites as well as block trackers to make sure that you are browsing safely.

LastPass Free Password Manager

The internet has turned out to be a very unpredictable space on security. With the help of LastPass, you can easily manage all of your passwords and store them in a safe place. All you need is to create an account from within the extension and then insert your login credentials to save them on the extension. You can even go ahead and add credit card info, and there is an auto-fill feature for you too.

Adblock Plus

Adblock extension is self-explanatory. It is the app you need to get rid of those annoying ads on each website you visit. You can even use it to skip YouTube ads that appear right before an actual video begins. If you want ads to appear on certain sites or web pages, you can just turn off the Adblock extension.


StayFocusd is a Chrome extension that will keep you concentrated on tasks and keep away from any disruptions on the web, for instance, Facebook. Once the extension is installed, you can choose the sites you want blocked, the duration, and the time you want the block to commence.

The StayFocusd extension also allows users to track the time they have spent on certain sites and in so doing, one can easily restructure their browsing habits in a bid to start living a better life.

Grammarly Spelling and Grammar Checker

If you do much writing on the web, you need a Grammarly Chrome extension. Not only will it help with correcting of spelling mistakes, but it will also notice any grammatical errors in the content, improper use of words as well as root out difficult words or statements.

Save to Google Drive

With this extension, you will get an additional menu option for files thus easing the process of saving them on Google Drive in a single click. Using the Google Drive Chrome extension, it is also possible to rename, save, view as well as delete files. Furthermore, it will add an action button to the Chrome browser while some of its settings are also customizable.

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