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Smartphones are now owned by over 68% of American adults. This is just the beginning of a trend that is expected to go on for the next decades.

The use of smartphones keeps growing thanks to the fact that the devices get better and smarter with every release. However, users have had lots of issues with these gadgets ever since they came into being, but the major one has been to do with battery power. With phones growing greater and bigger, they need much bigger battery power, but it seems things haven’t reached there just yet.

Sony has made some bold claims about the battery life of the Xperia Z5 series. According to a close insider, the battery life of these devices will get even much better once the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade is pushed to this series.

Sony’s Stamina Mode an enticing idea

While there is no confirmation from Sony regarding this matter, it is true to say that this revelation is of real benefit to the end user.

If you are still in limbo, Stamina Mode is a new setting that Sony will supposedly introduce in its latest Xperia Z5 series of smartphones that include Xperia Z5 Standard, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium, with an aim of deactivating data connection when the screen is off. When this mode is enabled, it will prevent apps from syncing and checking for incoming messages or notifications.

This setting will also modify a number of normal operations that include blocking transmission of data that would otherwise turn the screen on. The fortunate thing here is that notifications for incoming calls, SMS as well as MMS will still come in, in addition to any other relevant calendar notification, alarm and even the LED (for low battery warnings only).

Obviously not all users will enable the Stamina Mode feature for the entire day, however, it can really be helpful whenever your phone is on low battery yet you can’t immediately access a power source.

Stamina Mode may come with Android M update

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has been hailed for its Doze feature that monitors app usage when the screen is off. There are some chances that the new Stamina Mode is associated with the upcoming Android 6.0 update for Sony Xperia Z5 series of smartphones. However, it is still too early to associate these two, especially with respect to other Sony Xperia devices that are in line for the new OS overhaul.

It is only time that will tell how this turns out. When launching the Xperia Z5 series of smartphones, Sony promised that these devices will come with 2-day battery life. However, things haven’t been as expected as many online reviews suggest otherwise. The idea of Sony coming in with a Stamina Mode seems realistic as this could make the devices much better as far as battery life is concerned.