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If you still use paper CVs and resumes when job hunting, you are probably among the few who were left behind when the internet and electronic CVs took over.

Technology keeps changing and as a result, a lot has been changing in the jobs market as well, something that has bred a new approach to hunting for jobs among job seekers. In the present world, having a solid understanding of the many changes in the digital industry on workplaces will be a plus for you when searching for a job.

If you are a job seeker in the current digital world, here are some important tips for you.

Skype video calls

The rise of voice and video calling apps is something that cannot be taken for granted. Today, the hard-to-pin-down hiring managers have resolved to Skype video calling as a way of conducting face to face interviews. The good side of this method is that it can take place anywhere and at any suitable time to both parties. If you are a job seeker, there is no need to travel halfway around the world just to attend an interview.

Skype video calling is a free. However, the quality of calls will depend on the strength of the internet connection. This is something that cannot guarantee stability at all times during the call, so, job hunters are advised to speak slowly and be very clear in everything they say. This is a chance for you to build rapport with the interviewer and if s/he cannot hear or understand you properly, it definitely won’t work for you.

Since you will be making a video call, it is important to be dressed decently, just like you would physically.

LinkedIn profile, Facebook and Twitter accounts for social proof

Job seekers no longer have an option when it comes to social media presence. It will for sure boost your chances for landing a job as well as provide your potential employer with social proof of who you are.

One such platform for providing employers with credentials of you is LinkedIn. Here, you can create a professional profile where it is possible to connect with colleagues as well as find recommendations from clients and managers as well.

There are other employers who will also want to take note of your activity on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It is important to ensure that what is displayed on your profile represents the best of you. If you enjoy a significant social media presence, you’ll have a better chance of landing a job interview and maybe a job.

Personal blogs and websites

As a job seeker, you need to be a standout among the many others who are seeking for the same position as you. Today, many tech-savvy job seekers have resolved to smart ways of marketing themselves via personal websites and blogs.

If you happen to be in the creative industry, this is what you should be doing as the approach has proved to be very powerful. This industry requires experience; however, the job market is overcrowded by young job hunters who experience is not a reliable option.

By using a website, it is easy to express yourself and showcase your talents and skills without the need of using a traditional CV. Just ensure that the site is tailored towards the expectations of your desired industry, it always looks professional and that you are in total control of what appears on the site.

The future of job searching

One thing that is taking over in the job searching market is the video CV. This is where one creates a professional video that showcases their personality, creativity, pitch delivery as well as humor. It is an amazing way of setting yourself apart from other job seekers.

Creating a video CV does not need you to be a professional photographer or something of the sort. With today’s powerful smartphone cameras on devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6S Plus and LG G4 in addition to many free online video editing software, it is even much easier to come up with this kind of CV.