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The internet is always full of interesting content.

If you come to such content, the same internet has also made it easier to distribute it to your friends through sharing.

The internet has turned everyone into sharers. Whether it is a funny video, an amazing photo, or maybe a heart-touching article, you will find people sharing almost every interesting thing they come across when browsing the web.

Usually, the major social media channels that provide the share button are Facebook and Twitter. However, it seems Microsoft wants a share of this through its main chat app Skype.

Quickly forward content to friends on Skype

The team at Microsoft says that the new share button for Skype is an effortless way of sharing richer conversations from other sites. It is already possible to share content or rather links via WhatsApp and now that the Skype share button is coming to websites, we might see other messaging apps flooding this direction with a share similar feature.

Using the Skype share button on websites, it will be possible to spread around content to other Skype contacts in a very quick way. There is nothing strange to how the new feature works. It is simple! When you come across anything that excites you, and you’d like to share it with your friends who also happen to use Skype, just click or tap on the Skype Share button.

The feature will then prompt you to sign into your Skype account and from there, you can pick the friend or contact you want to share the content with and then click “Send.” It is also possible to include a personal message to the content you are sharing through the chat app.

If you are familiar with sharing stuff on the web, you will notice that the new Skype share button is no different from the rest. In fact, it is easy to think that it has always been there for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. As Microsoft tries to integrate the Skype app into all of its services as well as the new Windows 10, it is the hope of the team that web developers will embrace this move and start adding this share button on their websites.

Just for a start, the Skype Share button has already gone live on as well as in India.

Skype has over 300 million monthly active users. However, it has seen negative growth, and it is no wonder Microsoft has introduced a share button on websites to keep it live in the faces of many who had forgotten about it.

Will you share content using the new Skype Share button? Let us know in your comments below.