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In concordance with MalwareBytes, the hackers still prefer the Adobe Flash Player to hack into computers, allowing them to access personal data such as credit card information, bank accounts etc.

We remind you that the CVE-2015-7645 vulnerability has been abused by the hackers, but Adobe has finally patched it on October 16, 2015.

This vulnerability impacted all editions of Flash such as the 18.x to (on OS X), 19x to (Windows PC) and 11.x to (on Linux). According to Adobe, after a successful exploitation, the flash would crash and the attacker could gain access to the affected computer.

TrendMicro is the security company that has found the CVE-2015-7645 vulnerability, confirming that a hacking group was abusing the flaw and it was targeting the foreign affairs ministries of different countries. It seems that the hacking group has close association with the Russian government and its name is Sednit, but is also known as “Operation Pawn Storm”.

As we all know, the Adobe Flash Player has and had many issues regarding its security. This is the reason why many big companies have started to switch to HTML5, it’s just a matter of time until the Adobe Flash Player will be forgotten and Adobe knows that.
We’ve noticed that Adobe is trying to fix all the issues on its Flash Player, but we think that this is too late and this application will soon die.

We’re sure that something that was not fixed in years will not be solved in a few weeks or months. And since the Adobe Flash Player is currently one of the most unsecure applications out there, the hackers will keep on searching for security loops and exploit them.

What are your thoughts about Adobe Flash Player? How much time do you think it will take until all companies will switch to HTML5?