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WhatsApp’s developers have been extremely active in the past days, releasing new versions for Android, the platform with the largest number of users. The latest beta version of this application is 2.12.344 and the file has a size of 23.19 MB, which was increased by only 10Kb.

WhatsApp 2.12.344 comes with 312 modified files, many of them being related to Google Drive and share documents. A file thumbnail has been deleted and the developers added a new icon called active_connections_edge.png which is related to the Microsoft Edge browser. This would mean that beside Chrome, Firefox and Opera, WhatsApp Web will be supported by Microsoft Edge, as well. In addition to these changes, the new beta version benefits from bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Many important changes were seen in the version 2.12.338, which brought a Star feature which allows you to mark a piece of text or image from a chat window and later, it will be found easier. To mark that portion, tap and hold on the chat until you’ll see the star icon popping up on the toolbar. By tapping on that star, the selected chat item will have this symbol next to the time stamp.

You will find the new APK on WhatsApp’s official website or on other third party websites, and because it’s a beta version, it isn’t found on the Google Play store. So, to install it on your Android smartphone, you need to enable the Unknown Sources option from your devices’ Settings -> Security, by tapping the box you’ll see in front of it.

WhatsApp has now over 900 million active users and according to statistics, the number will reach 1 billion by the end of 2015. The application offers free voice calls between the users, and it allows them to save their chat history on Google Drive. We’re not sure when or if the developers will bring the video calling feature in the future, but if we’ll find out something, we’ll let you know.