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Three months after making its debut in the market,Windows 10 has gathered some amazing, but at times different stats as compared to any other operating system.

Monthly usage figures indicate a slowing growth in Windows 10. Apparently, users are sticking to their old operating systems.

After three months, the O.S has captured 8 percent of the entire market share. It was installed on more than 75million PCs in its first four weeksand surpassed 110 million in 10 weeks. While the current figure is yet to be availed, the enterprise aims at 1 billion devices running on this new OS;smartphone, consoles, and other devices inclusive.

The OS saw a 1.31 percent gain in September to take it from 6.63 percent market share to 7.9 percent in October. Growth has, however, drastically reduced from a jump of 5 percent in the first month to 1 percent in the second and third.

How the three major operating systems fared in August

Windows faded off 0.12 points to drop to 90.42 percent. Mac OS X added 0.28 points to 8.00 percent, whereas Linux chopped 0.17 points to 1.57 percent.

Windows 7 will probably retain its title of most popular OS for a long time. Windows 7 overhauled Windows XP back in September 2012 and since then, the story has been the same, but Microsoft expects otherwise – no wonder new plans of how more users can upgrade to the new OS are being contemplated.

Windows 10 introduced a free update on anolder version that is Windows 8 and 7. However, this is not winning many customers as anticipated.

Expected measures

It is almost a right guess that Microsoft will soon start forcing Windows 10 upgrades on everyone.

According to the latest reports, the “Threshold 2 update” is expected anytime. Hopefully, it will eliminate performance and stability bugs the users are coming across. Nevertheless,Windows 10 is not a bad operating system it is still efficient without the update. Users are warned from mistaking the update forafirst Windows software.

Mass upgrades to Windows 10 from all Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers are about to begin gradually.The vast majority of users will find the Windows 10 installation process automatically.

Windows 10 “Fall Update”thatwas expected on November 2nd will not be rolled out. The enterprise failed to sign off on a final build. The brand features expected a new Messaging app, user interface improvements and enhanced Edge browser.Microsoft has also signed a deal with Baidu to push the OS into China.

How to avoid updates from your current Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10

Download the latest version of GWX Control Panel on yourWindows 7 or 8.1 and it will protect you from unwilling Windows 10 updates. The mechanism may be turned back once you are in consent.