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Viber will be bringing back the old chat room experience to the more than 606 million people who use the platform for messaging and calling services.

The app, which was founded in 2010, currently offers users with free instant messaging that includes voice, video, text as well as photos. Also, users can make free voice and video calls to any other person using the app on a smartphone, PC or even tablet. There is nothing to worry about if your friend is not using the app thanks to the app’s Viber Out feature.

What happens with the Viber Out feature is that the user has to buy credits from the app that will in turn be used to bill the calls that are made to non-Viber users on their phones or landlines.

Viber’s Public Chats reignite chat room experience

Just recently, Viber went ahead and launched a feature known as Public Chats. Well, in itself it might look like a throwback to the old chat rooms where one could easily hop into and out of a chat where you can see what strangers are up to. While some may have had different views about how good or bad this was, the experience it offered was for sure one of a kind.

It is still possible to come across such-like chatting platforms on the web, but most of them have been absorbed by the latest apps that come with features such as group chats where one can keep in touch with people they closely associate with.

With Viber’s Public Chats, there is nothing like group chats that are also on offer via this app. Instead, users will get a Twitter-like treat as they look into their day to day favorite online celebrities, brands and other interesting areas of your choice.

How it works

Just hope into your Viber account and while in there, you will notice a tab with some concentric ovoid-like shapes – this is it, the Public Chats tab. Tapping on this tab will open up many chats that you can start following or even join. There is a mixture of public and private chats, and if you want to take part in the discussion, you must be invited to the group. Otherwise, you will have to stick with the following of public chats and keep up with what Viber influencers are up to.

Viber is a free to download and install anapp that is available for all smartphones running on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone as well as Windows 10 Mobile. It can also be installed and used for free on desktops and tablets using the same smartphone account.