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WhatsApp has developed another useful feature to its messaging service – Google Drive – a feature that backs up user’s messages and media.

This feature is essential to secure data in case a user loses a phone or switches to another Android mobile. The feature is presently available for Android only.


The feature is available in two ways: First, wait for automatic update version of the app on Android or you can download the latest APK file, which is version 2.12.339, from the APK Mirror official website and install on your handset.

The company’s website is the place to get the latest versions of the app as well since those available on Play Store are relatively older but more stable. For instance, the latest WhatsApp version available on the website is version 2.12.338APK while Play Store has version 2.12.317 as the latest which does not comprise the Google Drive backup for all Android users, but for those using Android KitKat and above.

Procedure on how to use the new feature

For efficient usage, you need to be armed with the following necessities; anactivated Google account on your phone and sufficient Google Drive space for your data, depending on what you do with your WhatsApp and free space on yourphone.

The primary step to avoid tedious process is to install the new version of the app. The version prompts you to sync the app with a Google account to which the data could be backed. Precisely, follow from menu button-settings-chats-chat backup.

Initially, data was backed directly and locally on your phone upon tapping the “backup chats” button. Now tapping the modernized “Chat Backup” button takes you to a new screen to facilitate thecreation of a private backup of data on Google Drive.

From the chat backup select any auto-backups frequency of your taste apart from “never”. The frequency options include daily, monthly, weekly and never. Preferably choose “daily” because it will enable storage of data in Google Drive daily which is safer. However, the backing up process guzzles many data.

Set the process running by tapping on the “Backup” button.

In thecase of switching WhatsApp to a new phone, follow this procedure. The app does data backup not in real time but at 3a.m even if thefrequency is set to daily. So make sure you do amanual backup by tapping on the “Chat backup” option -on your old phone- beforesetting the app on your new phone.

WhatsApp has been doing data backup so why Google Drive?

First, Google Drive is a cloud backup. Unlike local backups where data can be lost in case of a user losing his/her phone or the phone gets damaged, data is brought in the new phone by syncing it with the Google account.

Secondly, with thelocal data backup manual transfer of files is a must that is quite tiresome and time-consuming.