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If you have ever had your phone stolen or damaged beyond repair and lost all your data in the process, bought a new phone and want to migrate your WhatsApp data hassle free, then you will be quite relieved for this new feature on WhatsApp that allows you to back up your data content on Google Drive.

Say goodbye to manual data transfer across devices. Cloud backup ensures that your data will always be available to you the moment you sync your WhatsApp account to your Google or Gmail account.

Data backup helps us in preventing inadvertent data loss. You can back up content such as videos, photos of friends and family, voice messages, audio files, chat history and more. Normally, however, WhatsApp backs up data locally on our devices. This new feature though takes it a notch higher and backs up data privately on Google Drive. This is however only applicable to Android users.

This is a good thing because when data is backed up on your phone, it is quite limiting unlike if the same is done in cloud computing. A good example is that you may lose your phone or accidentally format it thus erasing all data including your supposed back up on the phone’s local drive. This means that your memories are not stuck on your phone anymore.

How to backup WhatsApp messages on Google Drive

  1. Ensure you have a Google Account active on your phone.
  2. Ensure you have Google Play Services installed on your phone from the Play Store. This option is however only available for cellular devices using Android version 2.3.4 or higher.
  3. Most importantly, ensure that you have enough Google Drive space and phone space to back up your content.
  4. Sync app to your Google account where the backup will be done.
  5. Go to WhatsApp and select Menu>Settings>Chats & calls>Chat Backup.
  6. Set a frequency of your choice, be it daily backup, weekly backup, monthly backup or even never to back up at all.

This full backing up process, however, consumes a lot of cellular data, so it is advised that you do so over Wi-Fi network.Another recommendation is that you plug your phone into a power source as this process will drain your battery.Note that if you change your Google account, you will not be able to access backups linked to this particular account.

Now you know how to keep your WhatsApp content and data secure. Keep your memories safe with WhatsApp and Google Drive.