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Apple is doing something very rare – slashing off $50 from all Apple Watch prices as long as one buys an iPhone along with this wrist watch.

Considering this is something very rare from Cupertino, the iPhone maker will be providing this offer for a limited period, and it is also available to thelimited market. While the deal might sound very sweet, don’t be in a rush to get into one before getting the finer details of the offer.

First and foremost, you need to understand that Apple is offering these discounted watches to customers who buy an iPhone along with the watch. Secondly, the deal is not available to online buyers, instead, only those who can visit an in-store and make a purchase will get this offer. Also, Apple will be availing this offer in a number of stores located in San Francisco Bay and Boston areas.

Not all models of the Apple Watch will be included in this deal. According to MacRumors, this deal will be up and running until November 15, but it will only include the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch models. Also, the report said that Apple will not include the Watch Edition and Watch Hermes models in this offer.

Apple seems to revive its dwindling Watch sales

The recently launched discount comes at a time when so many question isbeing raisedabout how well the Apple Watch has done in the wearable market as well as why the company has made anything public on the total number of sales this device has made.

Apple has close competitors in the smartwatch business such as Motorola, LG and Samsung and they are doing just fine in the same market. However, there is no doubt that the Watch has been the product with the highest profile. According to Apple, it did not release the full figures for unit Watch sales just because it wants nothing to do with offering their competitors “insights” based on these figures. However, analysts estimate that the company sold up to 3.95 million units of the Apple Watch in the just concluded quarter.

As noted at the beginning, the current discount is not a norm for Apple devices as this company never offers such-like sales promotions for new products. Usually, the company often allows discounted prices for educational institutions or cuts prices of products during Black Friday sales.

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