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Viber has released a new version for those using iOS devices, but this time it is not the iPhone or iPad, but the update affects those using the Apple Watch.

Viber joins the likes of Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp in rolling out versions that are compatible with watchOS. However, unlike WhatsApp and many other apps which usually come in with updates for one platform, Viber has tried to maintain rolling out updates to both versions – Android and iOS.

Having said that, it is also important to note that there is a new version of Viber for Android users, but this time users will only come across minor improvements in performance and stability of the app.

Advanced messaging experience with Viber

Viber’s new version that is compatible with the Apple Watch comes in to step up the experience it already offers on other platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Users will have nothing to worry about as the app is equipped with a dedicated sticker pack that will ensure your entire messaging experience stays optimum. Also, just like the other versions, Viber for watchOS will also sync with other devices that are signed in using the same Viber account to display the messages on all of them, in real time.

If you think drafting a message is time-consuming, you will be glad to learn that the latest Viber for iOS comes with preset messages for Apple Watch users, which means they can quickly respond to a message without the need of composing the reply. There is another option that allows users to create your personalized messages directly via any of the signed in iOS devices.

To support the latest move by Rakuten, the head of product of Viber, Ofir Eyal pointed out in a press release that the company is working towards ensuring that all “users can communicate
in a way that is convenient for them and at any given time. The Apple Watch is one way of extending this communication scope.” He also added that the company is always striving to “provide our users with the most superior user experience possible and through introducing support for the Apple Watch, the company is maintaining its goal.”

Other Viber updates in the latest version for Android and iOS

As noted earlier, the new Viber app, which was released this Tuesday, also brings new features to the Android platform. Users will now be able to like group messages as well as write much longer messages thanks to the new character limit of 7,000 characters, up from 1000 characters. If you have been taking pride in the app’s Public Chats, the new version will now add you more power as you will be able to share the content of these chats in a group or private chat.

To get the latest version of Viber on your iOS or Android device, visit the official iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, respectively.