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When a user jailbreaks its iPhone, it loses the warranty of the device, but he/she has other advantages, such as the possibility to install third party games and applications from the Cydia store. These tweaks are created by various developers and while some are free, others are paid. Also, a jailbroken phone with no restrictions allows you to control the settings and customization, but if you’ll do something wrong and you’ll damage the software, the phone won’t be saved and you’ll need to throw it away. So, should you jailbreak your iPhone or leave it the way it is?


When jailbreaking an iPhone, you’ll have access to many themes, skins and icon packs for applications, Siri’s voice can be changed, if you don’t like the default voice, while other customization options are referring to the Control Center.

Games And Applications

There are millions of free and paid applications on the App Store, but individual developers have created many other applications and games which they’ve uploaded to the alternative app store called Cydia. There, you’ll find custom themes, video downloaders, ad blockers and many other cool tweaks, and moreover, you’ll be able to install console emulators for playing games such as Mario Kart.


If you have second thoughts about jailbreaking your iPhone because by removing some security protections, the device is exposed to vulnerabilities and other threats such as identity theft, don’t take any risks. Some hackers can take control over your device if you allow them, so make sure not to give them access.

Software Update

Also, if you jailbreak your device and want to restore it using iTunes, or if you’re trying to update the operating system, you’re at risk of bricking your phone. Therefore, we recommend you to wait until the developers are releasing updates for iPhones that have been jailbroken. Another drawback might be the decrease of the battery life, if you don’t know what battery saver to install.

We remind you that jailbreaking an iPhone is very risky and if you fail to finish the process, you can lose a $649-$949 worth phone.