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Google Drive for iOS and Android is getting a hold of several improvements from the titan Google with this latest update.

Alex Vogenthaler (product manager at Google Drive Group) gives us the scoop on the latter options, some of which are already accessible and some are still scheduled to see the light of day in upcoming week.

A feature worth raving about is the sharing notification that targets both iOS applications and Android ones. How will it work exactly? Each time you share a file with a friend, co-worker, the latter individuals will be informed through a notice about the received file. Once they click on the notification, they will be redirected to that particular content.

Checking your email may not be the fastest way to find out when something’s been shared with you. So starting today, you’ll receive mobile notifications to alert you immediately when files or folders are shared with you and a single tap can take you right to them”, says Alex Voganthaler.

And now with a single click, those who run Android can ask for permission to any type of folder/file. Still no word on the availability of this option for iOS fans though. Either way, the ability to easily share content directly from Drive app is definitely a much needed option.

Google also thought of giving users the chance to preview what the shared content is all about. And all of this can be done even if you’re not logged into your Google account. This may not mean much for the majority of Android users given the fact that they are required to link their account with their Android gizmos. But it might mean a lot to iOS devotees if Drive app embraces this function.

You can get your hands on the upgraded Google Drive app on the App Store and Play Store.