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The new Apple TV appeared after two years of waiting, but some fans started having complains against its performance and demand solutions for the problems they consider annoying. So, we collected a list of complaints from the users, along with their suggestions.


The intelligent digital assistant is helping the users to search for movies, actors and other stuff, but they need to hold the Siri button down when they’re speaking. Many users like the “What did he/she say” command and they wouldn’t want this feature to work with Apple Music.


The Apple TV owners can’t use a Siri remote to dictate a query into the search box, as they are forced to use the annoying line-based text entry system. Therefore, the users can’t pair the TV to their iPhones in order to use the Remote app keyboard, and this is infuriating them.

Poor App Discoverability

Before the release of the Apple TV 2015, many developers have worked on lots of applications, but the only way to get to them is to access the front pages of the App Store section. And, if they’re not there, you’ll need to search for them, by name, but Apple doesn’t offer genre-based listings, only sales charts for US Apple TV users. Brian Greenstone, the developer behind Pangea Software, was very frustrated because he worked on five games and “And now I see that there’s absolutely no way to discover the apps unless a user explicitly searches for it. This is such a slap in the face to all of the developers who have been working so hard.” Apple should take into consideration a possible improvement to the app discovery.


Google announced that the company will offer a podcast for the Google Play Music service. Apple said that they’re working on a Podcasts app for its streamer, but we haven’t heard anything about it again.

Social Media?

Some users want social media implementation and they were suggesting Apple to bring windows showing stock/weather/sports scores, which would pop out while watching a movie.

More TV

The news that BBC’s iPlayer service will be available for Apple TV took many users by surprise, but they are still unsatisfied, because they want more channels, no matter if they will need to pay for them or they will be free.