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Apple has joined hands with U2 in a bid to bring Virtual Reality to the Apple Music app.

Rather than feed users with a music album that they probably didn’t want, Cupertino has decided to link up with U2 and promote their greatness by bringing the band’s latest video for the tune “Song for Someone” to the music app, but through VR.

The video, which offers a 360-degree view, is an early indicator that Apple, just like Google and Microsoft, is also interested in the idea of Virtual Reality. The company had remained on the sidelines of this upcoming technology for quite some time, but this is a major sign that it will step up its efforts. It is only another previous attempt to join the VR world was via an exclusive 360-degree video for the remix to the song “The Hills” by The Weekend.

The new VR video on Apple Music begins with the U2 band playing an empty venue in Toronto. In this video, you’ll feel like Bono is singing his lyrics right to you. The Edge then materializes to your side, after which the band’s other members will start filling the stage. The video then takes viewers across the world where they can see different fans singing along the playing tune.

Verse is responsible for creating the U2 video. For the first time, this VR video experience will be available on an Apple Music-branded bus in London this weekend, which will be outside U2’s show. This video can also be watched by anyone using this application on their Android or iOS device.

“It was an awesome experience to have worked with Apple on this project,” said Vice CEO Chris Milk in his statement to Wired. Milk also pointed out that there are lots of other works that are ongoing at Apple on 360-degree videos. He also dropped a hint that Muse will be partnering with Apple Music and VRSE in the production of the “post-apocalyptic action movie” in VR.

Google and Microsoft are working hard to bring to life their sets of VR headsets. Now that Apple has strongly indicated that it will be joining the VR world, we remain to wonder whether we will soon be getting an Apple-branded VR gadget just for watching these 360-degree videos.