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iOS users can now reply to their messages even faster due to the newest WhatsApp upgrade. This is definitely a welcome addition for those using iPhones and one that will ease their way.

Ever since iOS 8 came out, users that owned an iPhone could easily send replies to iMessages for instance and tackle with their notices and other Calendar alarms. But now that WhatsApp included the option of answering to one’s messages without ever having to close the app with a simple swiping gesture, users can rejoice.

Replying is now done from the homescreen as well as the notification centre. All of this can be performed without the need to load the WhatsApp application. This brand new update has been made public after WhatsApp implemented a pretty amazing feature that permits you to see who your real buddies are, which let’s face it does come useful in today’s world. Another new element is the preset message”can’t talk right now” that allows users to quickly reply to WhatsApp calls.

Actionable notifications is also a new element that is brought to the lockscreen with this new update. What this means is that users can reply or even decline a certain message without having to unlock the handset. Neat isn’t it? The best part about these actionable notifications is that they are functional on Apple Watch also. So, whatever you wish to say, go ahead and say it right from your wrist.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus devotees now benefit from the 3D Touch shortcuts that are pinned to the homescreen courtesy of WhatsApp’s upgrade that happened last month. A new conversation can be initiated by simply applying more pressure to the touch display.