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The Sims 4 game has received a new patch that came with a new “Jealous” trait. This trait is part of the character’s emotion and it is expected to provide an excellent gaming experience for the players who want to have fun.

So, with other words, a Sim with the Jealous trait will get jealous more easily in comparison to a Sim that doesn’t have it. However, according to Inquisitr, the whole system that causes a Sim to be jealous required several changes. The developers of The Sims 4 said on the Sims website that by adding the Jealous Trait they also had to improve the way Sims view and react to their environments.

With other words, in the past, a Sim could just cheat with ease on their partner as long as their lover didn’t “see” it actually happening. Well, with the trait that was just released for the Sims 4, cheating will no longer be as easy as it was before.

With other words, Sims will be a little jealous after the girlfriend or boyfriend has flirtatious chats with another Sim. Some other Sims may also start a fight if they catch their partner kissing with another Sim.

We also remind you that even if Halloween has passed, you can still buy the Halloween pack that was on sale last weekend. During the previous weekend, Origin also had The Sims 4 on sale, but unfortunately, the sale is now over.

With the new jealousy trait added to the Sims 4, we’re sure that more and more players will enjoy playing this great game. Without a doubt, the developers of the Sims 4 will also come with other emotions improvements in the near future.

What are your thoughts about the Jealous Trait that Sims 4 has received? Did your Sims ever cheat his/her partner in this game?