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Facebook keeps trying and implementing new features from time to time as it aims to keep up with the fierce competition that is building up in the world of social networking.

Even though the application sits on top of the list when it comes to popularity, this has not pushed CEO Mark Zuckerberg into some comfort zone. Well, everyone knows how great an entrepreneur he can be.

This time round iOS users will have something to smile about as the new update significantly affects this platform. In the latest version of the Facebook app for iOS, users can be happy to know that there is a new way of sharing content that they read on another site on Facebook.

This feature was announced this Wednesday and what the new share extension does is make the process of controlling what you share and whom you share with a lot easier than before. Usually, third party apps make use of share extensions to prompt users to share the content they have read with their friends on Facebook.

According to the product manager of Facebook Alyssa Levitz, the new ability to the social networking service is not that new. In fact, it has been there for quite some time now. However, the company has worked on the experience it used to offer to turn into a great addition.

“We always knew the room for improving and making this feature a better experience for users was still large,” she noted. While in the previous version users were unable to carry out some basic functions such as tagging friends, previewing posts or even filtering whom they wanted to see the post they had shared, the new update supports all these, she further explained.

Facebook for iOS sharing feature rolling out at the moment

Facebook has already availed the new sharing feature to developers who already make use of the current extension. Using this feature, you will feel like sharing content from within Facebook, yet the content is coming from third party apps.

As noted earlier, the share extension allows tagging of friends, choosing between sharing the post publicly, with a select group of friends or with all of your friends. Furthermore, previewing of the content being shared is possible, which gives you a chance of onceagain seeing what you are sharing. The new feature will also allow sharing from apps even if the user has not shared his/her Facebook credentials with the third-party app or service.