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The Mozilla Firefox version 42.0 has been released and it comes with a new feature called “Tracking Protection”.

The new “Tracking Protection” feature will stop trackers from “viewing” your searches and spamming you with advertises or discreetly monitoring your online behavior without your knowledge. By removing ads from your browser, you will notice that your browsing experience is cleaner and faster than before. With other words, the Tracking Protection feature that Firefox comes with will make you feel more protected.

Before this update, the anonymously web browsing that Firefox offered, was still storing browser’s history and cookies until the page was entirely closed by you. This allowed the tracking websites to see where you are from, what you’ve been searching for and more.

Nick Nguyen, the Vice President at Mozilla, said on the company’s blog that the “Tracking Protection” feature will make Firefox Private Browsing even better than before and the users will have control over the data that third parties receive from you. Nguyen also added that none of the Firefox’s rival browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari are offering this level of privacy. In addition, the Firefox browser comes with a simpler user interface and all the safety and privacy controllers are packed in the Control Center.

Some Android users that already have the Mozilla Firefox installed on their Android Tablets said that they worry about inappropriate content that their children might view while browsing the internet. Well, with the new Firefox version 42.0 they can stop worrying, as Mozilla have added an all-age-suitable browsing mode, which will not allow the children to enter websites that have inappropriate content.

What are your thoughts about the latest Mozilla Firefox version that just got released? Will you feel more secure on the internet while using the “Private Browsing” feature that Firefox comes with?