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The iOS 9.1 update will be an OTA one that will reach your handsets without you having to perform any annoying procedures. This new update rolls out with support for Unicode 7 and 8, a ton of emojis that are fun to use and several other improvements. Currently, Apple has started to roll out iOS 9.2 that is meant for developers.

The latest build of iOS 9.2 is identified as build 13C5060d. Apple has once again warned developers that devices running iOS 9.2 cannot be restored to earlier versions of iOS,” as noted by Apple Insider. The same source continues saying “Its release comes just one week after the first developer beta of iOS 9.2 was issued. The most notable change in iOS 9.2 revealed by Apple is a change to how the Safari Web browser works in third-party apps, enabling user-installed extensions to operate in those conditions.”

But now, let us focus on the iOS 9.1 update that is here and ready to be implemented, this update packs a lot of new features, so let’s have a look-see at some of them down below:

  • Emojis – you get to choose from 150 fun looking emojis that support Unicode 7 and 8. These emojis represent sports, food, weather related ones as well as neat smilies that will definitely spice up your messages.
  • Live Photos option – this new option will pick up your motions and detect when you are raising or lowering your handsets thus Live Photos will not record these types of gestures.
  • Siri – here is what Apple claims about the new and improved Siri “Based on a look of the iOS 9.1 setup screen, Siri will apparently be able to discern between the voice belonging to an owner of a particular iPhone, and voices belonging to everyone else. While setting up the “Hey Siri” phrase that will activate the virtual assistant hands-free, the screen says that the setup process will ‘help Siri recognize your voice”. This is one feature that will definitely come in handy. The best part about it is that even if your handset is not plugged into a power source, you can still use this feature.
  • A bunch of updates and features that are guaranteed to be compatible with future Apple products, iPad Pro being one of them.