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A well known YouTuber that goes by the name of DomisLive (aka Dom) has revealed new leaked DLC weapons that will come soon in the GTA Online. The weapons that are expected to come in this upcoming DLC are AK-74U, Magnum, Switchblade and Double-Barrel Gun.

However, Dom explained that it is not clear yet if all these weapons will be released in a single update or if they will come in installments. We remind you that the information about these leaked weapons has been discovered in a hidden DLC game file that’s inside the GTA Online.

Dom said that these items have not been modified and they are as legit as the earlier leaked DLC weapons, such as the machine pistol or machete.

GTA 5 Leaked DLC Upcoming Weapons

GTA 5, Weapons, DLC

The picture above shows the upcoming revolver, which looks pretty solid and cool with a yellow stripe on the side.

GTA 5, Weapons, DLC 4

Above, is the AK-74U weapon that just got leaked by Dom. We’re not sure how many will enjoy using this new weapon but it surely looks awesome.

GTA 5, Weapons, DLC 3

Above you can see a weapon which looks like a knife. Actually, this weapon is a switchblade that you can use. When you will press a button, this weapon will get out of the handle by using a special spring mechanism, allowing you to surprise your opponent.

GTA 5, Weapons, DLC 2

Finally, above you can see a double-barren shotgun, which has a better spread and damaged when compared to the regular pump-action shotgun.

As you can see, these four new weapons that got leaked by Dom are looking pretty awesome and we will most likely see them in GTA Online soon enough. We remind you that Dom is a very well known YouTuber and tipster and if he says that this looks legit, we’re sure that he’s right.

What are your thoughts about the new GTA 5 Leaked weapons?