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Google Play Games, a platform from where global gamers connect with each other, has received a major update from Google, its parent company.

Starting today, Google Play Games for Android will allow users to record as well as share their gaming footage in 480p or 720p resolution. This is a new feature that is set to make life with the Play Games app on Android devices a lot easier than before.

If you are thinking streaming, get out of there for the new feature is not meant for streaming hours of gaming moments, rather, it is all about sharing a footage about you beating a level, getting a high score or something of the sought. YouTube Gaming will then be your next destination as you gear yourself towards making some cool cash from those views.

In a statement, the company said that the new feature is meant to share the best gaming moments from some of the best mobile games you play.

How the new Play Games update works

The new update works in a very simple way. Just get into the Play Games app and pick any game you feel like playing and then follow it by tapping on the record button. As noted earlier, the feature allows capturing of 480p or 720p videos where gamers can also add a video of themselves doing the commentary with the help of an Android phone’s front-facing snapper and microphone. The feature also allows gamers to edit the recorded video before it can finally be uploaded to YouTube.

This newly added feature to Google Play Games is very similar to what Google has done with YouTube Gaming where users can easily record and live-stream games they are playing on their Android devices.

If you own the latest Chromecast, and you have been flinging games on your TV using this gadget, this update will for sure be huge addition to you. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, sharing on your preferred social channel is a no brainer.

Google says that over 144 billion minutes of gaming livestreams and videos are watched on YouTube; so basically, this is just another way for the company to keep availing more content for the millions of viewers waiting on the platform.

The latest Google Play Games update for both Android and iOS platforms will be rolled out in the U.S. and the UK over the next few days.