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The first version of Android was released seven years ago, as a mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets, currently having 1 billion active users. Much later, in 2011, Google launched a new line of laptops running on Chrome OS. They were called Chromebooks and were very affordable, but even so, these laptops didn’t have a big success. What’s going to happen to this OS? According to Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to fold it into Android. In 2017, we’ll have a new operating system which will result from the combination of Android and Chrome OS.

The reason why Google wants to merge the two operating systems is obvious. Instead of giving up on Chrome OS because is not as popular as Android, Google will work on a new operating system which will help mobile devices to behave like laptops or desktops.

Many are speculating that Google already made the first step by releasing the Pixel C, a hybrid tablet-laptop which comes loaded with Android, but this is a separate project which has nothing to do with those Chromebooks running on Chrome OS.

The analysts speculate that the combination between Android and Chrome OS will look more like Android, but with a desktop-like file management structure and will support universal applications. Google wants to make as many Android applications to run on PC, because now, there aren’t many developers interested in creating applications for Chrome OS because of the poor user base. The good news is that some Android applications are running on Chrome OS, but the Chromebook users would like to enjoy playing some of the cool games created exclusively for mobile devices.

It’s not sure if the merged OSes will run across Android phones, tablets and PCs, or on Google-authorized laptops, or some Windows-based PCs and Macs will support this hybrid operating system.

Most likely, Google will tell us more about this project at the Google I/O conference, then the merged OS will ship in 2017. This operating system won’t kill the Chrome OS, as Google is devoted to this project and will continue to launch more Chromebooks.

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