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Amazon built some of the best streaming media players, competing with Roku, Apple and Google. There are three main products released by Amazon in 2015, but, is it worth buying the set-top box or the Fire TV Stick? If you don’t know much about these gadgets, we’ll satisfy your curiosity.

Fire TV

The new model is able to stream 4K content, being the successor of the first Fire TV set-top box, which is no longer available on the market. The Fire TV 2015 comes with many new features and it’s powered by a more powerful quad-core processor which is backed by 2GB of RAM. Its dimensions are 115x115x17.5mm, it weights 281 grams and it looks like a black box with sharp corners and flat sides. Its internal memory has a capacity of 8GB, but Amazon added a microSD slot for expanding the app-download storage. The device supports 802.11ac WiFi and has a higher bandwidth. It runs on Fire OS, which is based on the Android platform and the users get a variety of channels through the Amazon Prime Instant subscription service.

Some of the most popular applications you’ll get along with the Fire TV 2015 are Netflix, Sky News or BBC iPlayer, but it lacks Channel 4 and ITV, among other services which are provided by other media streamers. However, unlike other devices, it offers a section for 4K Ultra HD video and you can rent or purchase this content and stream it to your compatible TV. The streamer comes also with a game controller, which is sold separately and has a new remote which connects via WiFi. The Fire TV 2015 costs £79.99 and it can be bought from Amazon’s website.

Fire TV Stick With Or Without Voice Control

There are two versions of this stick and the one that comes with a voice-controlled remote is a bit weaker than the set-top box, being powered by a dual-core processor which is backed by 1GB of RAM. It doesn’t deliver 4K content, but 1080p output with 7.1 audio and it offers applications via Prime Instant Video, Amazon Music and Amazon Cloud. The remote control supports voice commands so you can search for TV shows, movies or games, this stick costs £45, being £10 more expensive than the stick with a regular remote control.