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Unless you are building apps for fun, they should be able to bring in more money. An app should be profitable to the developer.

Many developers are living well from the apps that they helped build and are now in Google Play Store as well as the App Store. Learning how to monetize apps is a skill that all developers must embrace. To earn more money from your mobile apps, you need to understand the pricing structure associated with the apps, which is as follows:

– Free apps
– Paid apps

Understand Categories

The apps that you develop will mostly fall into five main categories, which are:

a) Enterprise
b) Business and productivity
c) Health and fitness
d) Communications and social networking

If you want to earn more, focus on developing enterprise apps. Alternatively, spend more time creating business and productivity apps. These two categories earn the highest revenues. Health and fitness apps are also doing well; hence, it pays to focus on developing apps for this category as well. Apps that fall into the communications and social networking category are not doing well because a few players dominate this section making it harder for new entrants to prosper.

The categories that will not bring the much-desired level of revenue stream include kids, games and education. If you can find a way of cracking these three categories, you will soon be on your way to earning more from your mobile apps. The least-favorite categories continue to suffer mainly because they are popular with people who use them only as hobbies. The other categories are viable because of their popularity with professionals.

Understand Devices

Next, you also need to understand the market for which you are creating the apps. Some devices seem to earn more than others do where apps are concerned. An examination of the devices that enable developers to earn more than $5,000 per month brings out an interesting observation. The best-earningdevices for mobile apps, which you should concentrate on and find a way of cracking to earn more, include the following:

– Smart TV and Set-Top boxes (30 percent)
– Internet of Things (24 percent)
– Tablets (23 percent)
– Smartphones (18 percent)
– Gaming Consoles (18 percent)
– PCs and Laptops (17 percent)

Understand Platforms

Some platforms pay more than others do where mobile apps are concerned. Try to develop apps for iOS where more than 27% of all app developers make at least $5,000 per month. The mobile browser platform sees around 22% of all developers making more than $5,000 per month. The Android platform is viable to around 16% of all developers. The other platforms you need to include JavaME, Windows 8, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.