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Clash of Clans (from Supercell) and Game of War: Fire Age (from Machine Zone Inc) are two games which have managed to create an outburst among worldwide gamers.

These two games are free to download and can be found on Apple and Google app stores. If you’re curious to see which one is a better selection, you need to check out this review.

Clash of Clans versus Game of War

These are RTS games that used to be played on computers back in the good old days. But now with a new mobile version of this type of game standing by, gamers are spending more and more dollars to be able to eschew those annoying timers and get their hands on more resources. Those who pay get more power and their odds of winning are also increasing.

When choosing such games, you need to know that the victory is never near and if you are really competitive, you can’t surpass your opponents without a minor or major investment in either one of these two games. Of course, no one said you have to pay, playing it for free is definitely your choice or you could choose to invest small amounts of money instead. Just don’t expect miracles.

Basically, in Clash of Clans, gamers need to protect their territory, shape strong clans and plan strategic attacks. Clash of Clans has a fun cartoon appeal while Game of War tends to look a bit like an outdated 2003 RTS. If you like the Greek goddess instructing you when to construct and when to upgrade, that’s just fine.

The fact that Clash of Clans subtly conceals the money transactions so that they do not inhibit the actual game is a big plus. In short, the way the latter game handles the player’s money investment/transaction is just ingenious. The UI in the latter game is pretty straightforward as well.

The UI that can be found in the Game of War on the other hand is just clustered and full of somewhat disturbing prompts and not to mention the advertisements. The in-game purchases are not that smooth like the ones in Clash of Clans, plus the design is simply too much and can be overwhelming for beginners. Which one would you choose?