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Apple launched iOS 9 in September and the team of hackers from Pangu managed to jailbreak it. So, if you’ve updated your device to this iOS version and you want to install the latest tweaks, here’s a list of recommendations.

iOS 9 Wallpaper

It’s not an application, but a colorful image of a wave and the picture was taken by the photographer Chris Burkard and it was edited to look like a rainbow.

Search in Settings Feature

This tweak will allow you to search whatever you want in the Settings screen, so when you’re opening Settings from Home Screen, you will see a search bar.

Low Power Mode

With this tweak, you will extend the battery life of your device because it will disable some functionalities that are draining the battery very fast, such as auto mail fetch, app refresh etc. This mode copied Apple’s iOS 9 Low Power Mode and the tweak has been introduced for iOS 8.3.

Split Screen

This tweak will allow you to open two tabs in the same time on your screen, the screen will be divided into two parts and you’ll perform two different tasks, simultaneously.

Music Queue

By installing the UpNext tweak, you’ll be able to create queue lists and you’ll see some buttons being placed below music titles, when you’re playing sons in the Music app.

Music App Color

An awesome Cydia tweak will adjust the color of the Music app according to the image, making it look more interesting, a good application is ColorFlow, which creates these effects.

Spotlight App Recommendations

If you want to receive app recommendations and information about what you’re looking for, RevelApp is the right tweak for you.

Text Contact Photos

When you’re sending a message to a contact, you’ll have the photo of the person, so you’ll know that you’re writing to the right person, in this case, you’ll need to install ConvoPics, a tweak which will give you this effect.

Picture In Picture

VideoPane is a Cydia tweak with which you can benefit this feature, for example, this tweak gives you the option to detach a video a video players and play it on top of all applications.