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After launching it on July 29, Microsoft will start rolling out the Windows 10 to the users who have a license for Windows 7 and 8. The representatives already announced that the new software will be available as an Optional Update in Windows Update and depending on the Windows Update settings, Windows 10 will come sooner or later. Also, if you change your mind and want to return to your previous version, you have 31 days to roll back.

According to StatCounter, by the end of August there were 75 million computers running on the new Windows 10 and some of the machines were quite old, being manufactured in 2007. Windows 10 came as a big improvement to Windows 8, which removed the Start Button and whose interface (Metro) was designed for tablets. Because of this enormous change, the users weren’t prepared to embrace the new tablet mode on a computer.

Microsoft skipped the Windows 9 and launched the Windows 10 as the last computer software, but first, the company has let the members of the Windows Insider Program to install preview builds for over a half a year, until the final version was ready for launch. At the end of July, all Windows 7 or 8 users who had a license were given the possibility to update to Windows 10 for free, while the others who wanted to get the Windows 10 Home needed to pay $119, while the license for the Windows 10 Pro cost $199.

Windows 10 runs across smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, and even on Microsoft’s Xbox One games console. The software brought a new browser called Edge which replaces Internet Explorer and has it has Cortana integration, meaning that you’ll be able to search online for content using your voice. Also, it supports inking and sharing, two features which allow you to capture and communicate your thoughts by writing directly on the page (with the stylus, if you’re using a Surface Pro tablet) and sharing it as a Web Note via email or on a social network. Enables you to write or type directly on the page, comment on what’s interesting or clip what you want – then easily share this ‘Web Note’ via mail, or a social network.

The popular Start Menu has returned and it looks modern and appealing to the customers. It brings, besides the list of favorite applications, resizable tiles for both PCs and tablets. Action Center, which replaces the Charms, brings up a panel with all the app notifications and in there, you’ll have access to some system settings.