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A new WhatsApp update has been released for the latest iOS devices. We remind you that the Quick Reply has been available for the users since iOS 8, but Apple hasn’t allowed the third party application developers to use this feature.

It seems that with iOS 9.1 release, now the developers can use the quick reply feature on their application. So, from now on, you will be able to access the quick reply feature of the WhatsApp application via the notification center (as long as your device runs on iOS 9.1).

This feature allows you to reply to any notification that pops-up on the device right from the Notification Center, without even opening the application. You will just need to drag down a notification and start typing, with other words, if someone sends you a message on WhatsApp, you will just need to pull down the notification and reply to the message without even having to open the application. So, head to the official App Store and download the new WhatsApp version 2.12.10 and install it on your iPhone.

We remind you that some earlier reports suggested that this feature will come to WhatsApp, as the iOS 9.1 beta users were seeing a Quick Reply option with the latest WhatsApp build.

In addition, the new update also brings a feature that will allow you to even reply to incoming WhatsApp calls with a message. So, if you are busy at that moment and you just want to reply to that person, by saying that you are busy, you will be able to do that with one tap, last month, a new WhatsApp 2.12.9 version for iOS was released and it added support for 3D touch on the new iPhone 6S and iPhone6S Plus devices.

With the new 3D Touch feature, the WhatsApp users are now able to use the “Peek and Pop” gestures based on the pressure applied on the screen of the device.

Have you tested the new WhatsApp 2.12.10 version on your iPhone that runs on iOS 9.1?