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They may be similar in terms of nomenclature, but there is a lot of difference between the HTC One A9 and the Samsung Galaxy A9.

A shootout between the two is intensely watched since they are going to be similarly priced and targeting the same kind of audience.


Samsung has improved its design language immensely over the last 12 months. It probably began with the Galaxy A8 and has continued to evolve. The Galaxy A9 might become the best possible reflection till date. Only leaked pictures of the phone has been available and it is expected not to be unveiled before the end of November. However, it suggests that the Galaxy A9 will be a significant improvement over the Galaxy A8 in every form. The HTC One A9 feels every bit premium thanks to an improvement of the design that was first seen on the HTC One M8.

The overall thickness of the One A9 is also very desirable at just 7.3 mm. The specifications of the Galaxy A9 are expected to be around this figure if not better.


A 5 inch display does the job on the One A9. HTC has been a loyal customer of the LCD IPS panels, but it makes a switch to the AMOLED panels with this phone. The screen is now much better in terms of contrast ratios. A resolution of 1080p may sound disappointing at first, but it does not make a huge difference on this 5 inch screen. The QHD resolution would have made sense on a screen larger than 5.7 inches. The Galaxy A9 is expected to offer a 5.5 inch display that has the same resolution as the One A9. However, it will have the Super AMOLED panels that will provide slightly better contrast figures than the basic AMOLED panel on the One A9.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint sensors are becoming a standard on smartphones and the One A9 has provided this feature in place of the boom sound speakers; such is the importance of this feature. The Galaxy A9 will have a slight edge in this regard since the sensor has been perfected in a number of Samsung phones prior to this model. Prices of the HTC One A9 are around $400 while the Galaxy A9 will be launched with a price of around $500, which is largely due to the larger screen.