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This guide is meant to aid all of you rookies out there that have just started to use Google Play Store, keep on reading to find out how everything works on Google Play Store.

Create a Google Play Account

If you have already created a Google account then all you have to do is enter your ID and passcode into your Google Play Store and hit enter, if you do not own such an account, here is what you need to do.

You need to go to the section where it says Create a new account. Click on it and write your name, the next prompt will let you decide on a name. Take your time as more options might already be used by others. The next step is choosing a passcode, make it a hard one, adding your mobile number is always a good alternative, you never know what might happen to your account and thus the phone number will help you retrieve it securely. The latter number can also be used for getting the code that will grant you access to your account if the passcode has slipped you mind.

The only thing left to do is agree to the terms and conditions imposed by Google. In front of you, there should be the summary page of your entire account as well as Google’s services. You can click on the Next prompt and then decide if you want Google to save all of your phone’s settings, apps and more, the next step is the payment prompt, so keep on reading the second tip-off.

Attaching a Credit Card to the Play Store

Not to worry, you don’t have to buy anything from the Play Store right away. But, it is important to add the payment specifics. PayPal or standard credit cards can be added, then click on My account and then Add payment method. Choose a specific method and then simply let yourself be guided by the prompts.

Adding a new Account & Removing it

More than one account can be owned, so if you want a new one go to Settings, next Accounts, Add account and choose Google from the prompts and sign in.

If you wish to remove one or more Google accounts from the Play Store, tap on Settings, next Accounts and then again Google, the next screen will show you the menu (click on the 3 dots) and select the Remove account option, when asked to confirm make sure to do so in order for the account to be completely removed.