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Google Play Store is introducing an amazing fresh look. The redesign is not the only change worth looking forward to from Play Store.

The app will have more to offer other than the new user interface. Under the new changes, the app will separate content better. In fact, Play Store will have a much clearer separation between apps and entertainment. The changes will provide the users with a chance to see the apps on different pages from all other forms of entertainment.

All along, the following have been on the same page with apps and games:

  • TV
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Books

Two Tabs

With the changes, Google Play Store will now have 2 main tabs. One tab will be for apps and games. The other tab will cater for all other forms of entertainment. The new changes will appear soon, although the exact time and date remains unknown. Swiping between the two main tabs will be possible. Alternatively, you can move from the apps and game tab to the one that caters for entertainment or vice versa with a simple tap.

All the previous six shortcuts that had newsstand, books, music, TV, movies, apps and games will be no more. Once you tap on the apps and games tab, other subcategories such as Family, Categories, Games and Top Charts among others will appear. If you want Newsstand, Books, Music, Movies and TV among other familiar sections, you will now have to go to the tab marked entertainment, as a result of the new changes.

Header Space

The new header space that is a common feature of Google Play Store will most probably be for showcasing movies, games and apps as well as whatever Google wants users to see. Each subcategory will have a section just under it where users will be able to find their familiar related shortcuts to apps and games. Under the subcategories, the users will be able to find plenty of recommendations from Google Play Store.

A good number of users have hounded Google to provide a tab for purchased apps. Thus far, this tab does not exist on Google Play Store. Furthermore, the slide-and-tap action that most users have to take to get to their favorite apps does not seem to enjoy universal appeal. It is common to hear users complain of the complex search that they must do on Play Store to find what they want. Perhaps, Google ought to take these concerns into consideration.

Therefore, the next time you update Google Play Store, expect to see a new design and better arrangement as well as separation of the content. Google has not addressed all your concerns with the new update, but has given the app a new look.