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All the iOS users who have previously complained of inability to use or access Facebook Instant Articles have no reason for growing weary of waiting.

This is because Facebook Instant Articles is now available to all iOS users. With this announcement, the iOS users will be ecstatic at the realization that reading thousands of articles instantly on their devices will now be much easier than ever before.

Long Testing

Facebook has been testing the Instant Articles feature since May 2015. Through this new feature, a select group of news publishers will now be able to publish full stories on the mobile app without going through other channels. They can do all the publishing on Facebook directly. With Instant Articles, the iOS users will be able to read the full stories through the mobile app without having to leave and go to a mobile browser.


The fact that Facebook Instant Articles loads much faster allows iOS readers to look forward to a more enjoyable and seamless reading experience using their mobile phones. Readers can identify the articles that they can read through the Instant Articles feature by looking for the lightning bolt symbol. The symbol will appear at the top right corner of specific stories that users see on their News Feed. They only need to tap the article to read it in full.

Interactive Features

The beauty of Instant Articles is that any article you want to read will load ten times faster than it would if you were to read the mobile web version. This means that you are able to save plenty of time that would be wasted waiting for the article to load through the mobile web. Publishers are able to do more than publish fast-loading articles through Instant Articles. They can make the reading experience an unforgettable one for iOS users by including these interactive features:

  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Geotagged images
  • Photo zooming
  • Audio captions
  • Comments
  • Maps

Hosting on Facebook Servers

The tool makes it possible for publishers to host their full stories directly on Facebook servers, thus explaining the reason behind the fast-loading. With this new tool, Facebook believes that users will have no problem or express any hesitancy to sharing and reading the fast-loading content. Content that enjoys numerous shares has several benefits to publishers; thus the reason Facebook opted to make the Instant Articles feature accessible to all iOS users.

While the iOS users can begin using Instant Articles on the Facebook mobile app, the Android users will have to wait a bit. This is because Facebook is currently testing the feature on Android platforms before making it available to the users. With the release, expect to see an increase in the number of publishers, especially once Facebook launches it on Android.