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The developer of Clash of Clans, Supercell, announced during ClashCon 2015 event, the new update that will be released for their awesome game. Unfortunately, the release date of the update was not confirmed by the developer, but there are rumors which say that it will be released sometime in November 2015.

In concordance with Australia Network News, the upcoming update for Clash of Clans will include some new things such as:

– A new Town Hall level 11
– A new Hero
– A Gem mine
– A new defensive unit.

It seems that the defensive structure will look like an eagle and it will have 4×4 squares. At the same time, the map will be expanded to 44×44 squares, which will give enough space to the players for maneuvering.

In concordance with Android Origin, the new Clash of Clans update will also bring a gem mine. This mine will most likely generate a small amount of gems, but in the long-time, it can be quite useful. If rumors prove to be right, the developer is finally enabling loot sharing, where players can choose a friend and donate some loot to them.

It seems that the barbarian troops will receive a level 8 upgrade. This means that these troops will have higher hp and more damage than before. When it comes to the new Hero that will be introduced, it seems that it will be a mage character, as it holds a staff in his hand.

In the meantime, the developer has also rolled out the special Halloween theme for the Clash of Clans players. The gamers were able to get a bonus Elixir from the special Halloween Cauldron obstacle and a 1-gem spell factory boost during the weekend that just ended.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming major update that Clash of Clans will receive soon?