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Waze wants to play a big role in increasing awareness about child abductions.

In its US app, Waze will integrate AMBER alerts. What this means is that when drivers are in areas where some children have been reported missing, they will receive an alert showing the child’s name and face. Drivers will also have the option of choosing whether they want to learn more about the abducted child on the Internet.


However, this alert will not appear automatically for all cases of abductions. The alerts will only appear when drivers stop their cars around such places for more than 10 seconds. The moment the driver continues with his journey, the amber alert will disappear. Moreover, the alerts will only appear once for each individual, each week, regardless of the number of times he travels along that particular route, where the child abductions took place.

Close Cooperation with Government Agencies

The great feature of the amber alerts is that they come with more details. For example, the driver will be able to see details regarding not only the model, but also make and license number of the car that the child was traveling in at the time of the abduction. However, it is important to stress that the alerts are not primarily from Waze. It receives the alerts from an organization known as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the US.

Waze has also opted to work closely with law enforcement officers to integrate the amber alerts on the app. Amber alerts have been part of the American culture since 1996 when they were first introduced. The alerts have helped recover close to 728 children who had been abducted. Under normal circumstances, Americans would receive the alerts through various mediums that include radio, billboards and television.

Promoting Common Good

While making the announcement regarding the Amber alerts, Waze said that it has always aimed at coming up with features that promote common good. Therefore, the integration of amber alerts will help to promote the safety of children across the US. Parents and communities will benefit from the increased awareness and identify the locations where child abductions are more likely to take place, thus take the necessary measures to protect children.

With the new amber alerts, Waze has provided drivers with a new tool to file reports with the police and ensure the quick arrest of child abductors. This way, the world can be a better place for children in the US. Whether the new feature will spread to other parts of the world will only be clear with time. Currently, at least the parents of children located in the US can use a bigger platform created by Waze for the speedy recovery of their abducted children.

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