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Twitter has one of the best platforms for carrying out intensive ad campaigns. Each month, Twitter sees more than 316 million people using it around the world.

This presents a massive market that you should target with an ad campaign. Each day sees Twitter users sending more than 500 million tweets. The secret is to make your tweets stand out from the rest instead of being just but a statistic.

Therefore, it is imperative to follow this guideline if you wish to launch the first effective Twitter ad campaign.

  1. Set Advertising Goals

Know what you want to get out of the ad campaign. Advertising, just as it is the case with all components of marketing, must have goals. Setting goals will provide you with an idea on how to approach the campaign. Setting goals will help you determine whether the ad campaign is worth it.

  1. Evaluate Organic Content Performance

You can test several things on Twitter and these include content formatting, messaging and media as well as times and intervals. Instead of using your money, find ways of testing these components freely. Testing will provide you with an idea regarding the type of content that resonates well with your target audience.

  1. Selecting the Target Audience

Have a target audience for each Twitter ad campaign in mind. You should know the target audience before launching the ad campaign on Twitter. Your Twitter following is not necessarily the target audience. Target a specific audience for the ad campaign. Feel free to choose the audience based on devices, interests, languages, gender and location to name a few.

  1. Building the Ad

Twitter has an ads platform that you can use for this purpose. Use it to insert all the appropriate payment information. The process is quite simple and straightforward. You only have to enter specific information in a form. You must give the ad campaign a proper name, choose the source of funding and enter the dates when the campaign will start and end.

Importance of Budget

Do not forget to launch the ad campaign only after preparing a budget for such a project. Test the ads first. Testing the ads will cost you just about the same amount of money that you spend on an ordinary lunch. For Promoted Tweets, be ready to spend a minimum of 50 cents to a maximum of around $10. Promoted Trends will cost more. You can set a maximum daily budget. Feel free to set a total campaign budget for the entire project from start to end.

Therefore, follow these tips and guidelines to launch your first ever ad campaign on Twitter. As shown here, the process is much simpler and straightforward. After setting up the ad campaign, do not forget to track the performance. Remember to rotate the ads as frequently as possible.

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