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Despite the many fantastic features that the iPhone has, users often feel annoyed at the short battery life that these devices have.

Buying a new iPhone is expensive. Buying more than one batteries for the phone means spending more money, which you might not have. Therefore, the best option in such a situation is to learn new and creative ways of increasing the battery life on the iPhone:

So, how do you increase battery life in your iPhone?

  • Turning the low power mode on

This will reduce the power consumption temporarily until you can charge the iPhone. Just remember that some features on the iPhone will not be on or operate at reduced capacity when you turn the low power modeon the phone.

  • Check if the battery is faulty

Some iPhone batteries go off quickly because they are faulty. Look for the Battery Usage report, which you can obtain from Settings>General>Battery, to check the condition of the battery and determine whether buying a new one is the best option or not,

  • Check the apps

Some apps are notorious for eating into battery life. Apps can drain the life out of iPhone batteries, thus the importance of checking and removing the ones you do not need or use frequently. Facebook and Safari are the biggest culprits in this regard.

  • Facebook

The Facebook app is guilty of draining thelife out of batteries in iPhones at an alarming rate. This is because the app uses numerous resources in the background to run. The solution would be to remove the app and access Facebook through the Safari browser.

  • Reduce Brightness

Do not be surprised to learn that the screen is one of the biggest drains on battery life on your iPhone. An iPhone 5 that operates at full brightness will only last for around 6hours and 21 minutes before the battery dies. Therefore, reduce brightness and enjoy prolonged battery life.

  • Auto-Locking the Phone

As long as the screen is on, the battery life on your iPhone will be much shorter. Therefore, set the screen to go off when not using the device. The new iOS 9 update has made it possible for users to set the auto-lock feature on the iPhones to 30 minutes, thus saving power.

  • Turn the Airplane Mode on

Antenna is guilty of draining battery life from iPhone at a much faster rate than users realize. This is because the antenna is ever checking for the nearby Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks, thus the reason your phone’s battery loses power when moving with it around.

  • Disable Wi-Fi

It is possible to live without Wi-Fi. Disable Wi-Fi and see the battery life on your iPhone improve significantly. If you do this, the Wi-Fi feature on your iPhone will not keep moving all over trying to identify new networks to connect to, thus consuming battery life.

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