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The first of the Galaxy A series was a promising show and Samsung are set to come out with the Galaxy A9 in the next month.

This phone is expected to be one of the competitors for the Nexus 6P, which is manufactured by Chinese company Huawei.


The design of the Galaxy A9 is expected to be a mere evolution when one takes a look at the Galaxy A8 that came out recently. Official pictures of the Galaxy A9 have not come out yet and the world has been welcomed to only a few leaked pictures. However, these pictures suggest that this phone is likely to be a trendsetter in terms of design once again. Extremely slim bezels coupled with a solid traditional design from Samsung are likely to go down well with a range of buyers.

The Nexus 6P stands out from the crowd due to its unique black band across the top. This band is in the rear of the device and it houses aspects like the camera and the flash. It does a good job of hiding the bulk of the device, which becomes apparent while taking a look at the 5.7 inch screen. It now looks unlikely that there will be a Nexus device with the 6 inch display seen in the previous generation.


The 5.7 inch screen offers the fast-becoming-industry-standard QHD resolution. This enables the handset to provide more than sufficient pixel density required by the kind of buyers that the phone is targeting. A fingerprint sensor also tries to tell that this device is in line with the latest demands. Compared with the large display and extremely high resolution, the Galaxy A9 specifications in the display department maybe a little timid. It is expected to come with only a 5.5 inch screen that has a full HD resolution. These are not ground breaking numbers anymore, but it will do the job.


The Nexus 6P has the extremely powerful snapdragon 810 processor combination at its heart. The Galaxy A9 is expected to come with a much more modest snapdragon 620 range processor. However, it is expected to offer the same 3 GB of RAM seen in the Nexus 6P. Priced at around $500, Nexus 6P tries to offer incredible value. The Galaxy A9 is expected to match this price when it is launched in a few weeks.