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Motorola recently unveiled the long-awaited Droid Turbo 2 smartphone.

It is true to say that this gadget is equipped with some significant upgrades when compared to the previous Droid Turbo; however, there is one that has really caught the attention of many.

Motorola, alongside Verizon, launched the new Droid Turbo 2 that features new ShatterShield display technology that is meant to protect the phone’s screen from breaking whenever it falls on the floor, concrete or any other hard surface. In this way, the company believes that it will help cut down on the huge and unnecessary expenses that people incur when they accidentally break the screens of their mobile phones.

There is no doubt that this new addition to the display is amazing, however, what makes Motorola think that people break their phones very often to a point that they need shatterproof display on their smartphones? Well, there is an answer for you already!

Cracked Screens and Broken Hearts

Motorola took matters into its own hands and carried out a survey that was dubbed Cracked Screens and Broken Hearts, with the main goal being to find out the exact details of how often people break their phones’ screens.

To get the results they wanted, the researchers took into account up to 6,000 participants, all of them adults, coming from 6 different countries. It may sound surprising, but according to the research, a whopping 50%+ people on a global scale have broken their phones on one or more occasions. Of the 6 countries included in the survey, India leads the way with 65% of the participants having had this problem at some point. The lower end was held by the U.S. and U.K with 34% and 38% respectively.

As Motorola puts it, “phone fumbles” is what leads the way when it comes to causal agents of cracked or broken phone screens. In addition, the research found that 21% of smartphone owners around the globe are using a phone that has a cracked screen. One thing that is obvious is that with a cracked screen, there will probably be broken glass, which is definitely not good for your skin.

The survey also revealed that 23% of people around the globe continue to use their phones even after the screen has cracked regardless of whether the broken class is cutting their skins or not. This is doing damage to you and Motorola is not going to sit back and watch. Users need to be extra careful to avoid “phone fumbles,” but can anyone prevent an accident from happening? Well Motorola wants you to worry less about these accidents with its new ShatterShield display technology.