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According to GSMArena, the LG V10 is now rolling out worldwide. The device was introduced last month, but it will finally hit the stores globally soon. It seems that the US carriers Verizon and T-Mobile have shown interest in selling this device and they will most likely have it in its stores this week.

In concordance with LG Newsroom, key markets in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia will also roll out the LG V10 soon. The carriers from the US such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T already have this new smartphone. According to some earlier rumors, LG will start giving away freebies for those who will want to get the smartphone from the three mobile carriers that we’ve mentioned above.

At the same time, T-Mobile and AT&T have plans for the new LG V10. Currently, the LG V10 is available via T-Mobile, but it will hit the AT&T stores in a few days, on November 6, 2015. Until now, Verizon hasn’t announced when they will have the LG V10 in its stores.

According to LG, its LG V10 is a multimedia smartphone and one of its key features is the dual screen display. The device features dual front cameras with a resolution of 5MP and another camera of 16MP that’s found on the rear side of the device. Using the dual cameras that are found on the front side of the device, people can take wide angle shots and even take shots with a semi 3D effect.

It is good to know that the LG V10 is said to be the first smartphone that meets the SanDisk’s criteria for Extreme Photo Imaging Capabilities. The device is also capable of playing music with 32bit Hi-FI DAC which has been developed by ESS Technology.

What are your thoughts about the new LG V10? Will you purchase this smartphone once it will be released in your country?