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The rumor mill is that the launch date for the iPad Pro device is scheduled for November the 11th, besides the device launch, Apple will also unveil the accessory pack including the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. Even if fans and other Apple supporters have been assuming that November will be the big unveiling month, nothing is carved in stone.

9to5Mac informs us that Apple launches tend to happen on Veterans Day (meaning the 11th of November). Apple however has been pretty tight lip about its upcoming product launch and fans are eager to know if the pre-orders will be available one week before the big launch. Apple pulled a similar scheme with its newest iPhones as well as the Apple TV products, remember?

As far as pricing is concerning, fans will have to pay $799 for the 32GB Wi-Fi variant of the iPad Pro while for the 128 GB one the price revolves around the $949 sum. If you want the 128 GB model with Wi-fi as well as LTE, you’ll have to be prepared to spent $1079.

iPad Pro And Its Separately Priced Accessories

As for the accessories, they will come at different prices. The Smart Keyboard will retail for $169 while the Apple Pencil will end up costing $99.

The iPad Pro measures a 12.9-inch display and under the hood it packs an A9X chip. Due to the introduction of the Apple Pencil, this tablet is mostly targeting those that work in the design business. Hence, if you do not need it for professional purposes, it’s best to find other ways to spend your money because this Apple product is definitely not a budget-friendly one.

According to other sources, Apple will only offer 2.5 million units of the iPad Pro device, so, are you ready to try out Apple’s latest product? Are you also counting the days?