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On Thursday, Yahoo did a major beef up in their service providence, the introduction of a new Mail mobile app.

This app allows integration of multiple accounts and eliminates theuse of passwords.

This update has brought Yahoo back to relevancy, sparing it from becoming that old chunk it was about to be. Accessing the mail has been undeniably unsatisfying and bothersome. However, with the new app dynamism has been brought in the operation of Yahoo mailing.

Spectacular features of the Yahoo app

The ability to integrate multiple accounts and eliminate passwords is a massive achievement for the company, Dylan Casey, the product vicepresident, echoed that during a demo given at Yahoo’s San Francisco offices.

It isan excellent tool for receiving all the emails on Yahoo, AOL, Outlook and Hotmailaccounts as it supports other e-mail providers. Unfortunately, it neither support Gmailnor enterprise outlook accounts.Based on the demo the app is prompt and is obtainable in iOS and Android app stores, it integrates gestures accustomed to phone users.

What will just make you like this app?

With this master upgrade, you will organize and do your e-mails faster. Yahoo mail users will now be able to switch between multiple accounts.Just a right swipe marks messages as read andleft swipe deletes a message. By long pressing, you can select multiple messages.

One powerful feature is the smart search in this app: this feature allows you tofind people, messages, files and even photos quickly. An excellent tool that spares you time, Yahoo’s new app connects with online compatriots such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The app extracts photos and contact information from your inbox. The app also tags in photos from Flicker so that each account has an avatar image.

The app also votesoff hacking. Hackers easily get through passwords and access clients’ accounts via account recovery option.

Phasing out use of password

The rebuilt app includes “Account Key”. This feature enables the app to send notification to the users’ smartphone and by pressing “Yes”;they sign in to their email accounts. However, users can nevertheless use passwords at will. The feature is perceived to be more secure as hackers can easily predict passwords.

This desperate move is to bring Yahoo back to competition grounds with firms like Google, Facebook, Hotmail,, and AOL. The company was anxious to restructure after losing its two senior security personnel. The Sunnyvale-basedenterprise is also now confident to re-emerge having been eclipsed by Google in the recent past.