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Are you irritated by those disturbing Candy Crush requests? Of course you are, but not to fear because there is a way out of this. This article will reveal two simple and effective ways you can use to block Facebook app requests, especially the ones received from Candy Crush.

You may receive those annoying requests even if you aren’t interested in playing games like Dragon Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and of course Candy Crush. So, we will go about this in two ways: the first one is to permanently block the actual apps while the second one is to block the friend that is constantly sending you these types of requests.

Method no 1: How to block an app on Facebook

To firmly block an application on Facebook start by signing into your account and tap on the downward symbol (right side of the screen) and hit Settings, you need to look for the prompt that says Block apps. In the text space you could even enter the name of the app and then hand select it from the list it pop up in. If you simply wish to make disappear the notifications and not the app itself, when a notice shows up you simply have to move the mouse aimlessly a little until you see an X symbol, tap on the X and when you see two knobs, click on the one that says Turn off.

Method 2: Blocking all app requests from a Facebook contact

Now you can silence your avid gamer friend for ever. Head on to Settings and look for the following: Block invites from…and enter the name of your friend and then choose him/her in the list that shows their names. If you want to be a little more forgiving and unlock him/her simply select the Unblock option that pops up right next to their names.

Bonus tip:

Some apps tend to post your scores or the levels you managed to overcome every time you play the game, but there is a loophole here as well. Go to Settings and hit the Apps tab, now look for the applications you wish to stop posting on your behalf and click on it. Now, choose Only me for the App visibility and post audience prompt and tap the Save button, this should solve it.