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iPhone users can have something to smile about as the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS has been updated with support for the new 3D Touch technology.

This feature was introduced with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but similar functionality was first witnessed on the Apple Watch and some of the latest MacBooks. The new feature now means that those using the latest iPhone models can interact much better with WhatsApp when chatting with friends. The unfortunate thing about this latest WhatsApp for iOS update is that it has only been pushed to the latest iPhone flagships.

Instagram, Facebook and Dropbox are also supported

The new support for 3D Touch technology means that the users of the app can now enjoy using the app from the homescreen thanks to the new Quick Actions shortcuts. Well, considering how new this feature is, it is currently supported by only a handful of third party applications. However, the good news here is that the number of supported apps is gradually increasing.

In its iTunes change log, WhatsApp says that the users can now peek and pop photos, links, locations, contacts as well as videos that they send and receive during in-app chats.

The news about this 3D Touch update on WhatsApp for iOS comes in shortly after other major instant messaging apps such as Dropbox, Instagram and Facebook added support for this newest technology.

However, in order to get this update on your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you must update to the latest version of WhatsApp via the official iTunes App Store. In addition to getting this pressure-sensitive feature, the users of the newest version of this chat app will also enjoy a new user interface, performance improvements as well as fixes to bugs from the previous version.

WhatsApp is the leading provider of instant messaging services around the world. The messenger reports that it sees over 64 billion messages exchanged on the platform in a single day, which is a mind-blowing figure, so to say. The platform plays home to more than 900 million monthly active users who exchange text, voice, video, as well as photo messages.

If you are addicted to PCs, there is a version for you as well known as WhatsApp Web, but it requires that you visit the page and scan the QR code on the page in order to be logged in. Once the web client is synced with the phone app, you will be able to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages right from your PC.