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In what can be termed as the boldest move ever by T-Mobile, the wireless carrier is set to add spice to its “Uncarrier 10” campaign by offering unlimited high speed internet connection for watching a number chosen video streaming services such as Netflix and HBO, among others.

T-Mobile will be holding an Uncarrier press event on November 10 in LA; however, there are no any specifics about what this event will really be about. Nonetheless, there is some confirmation coming from one Evan Blass, who is a freelance tech writer renowned for his knack in predicting upcoming products.

Despite the ongoing rumors about this new offering, the senior VP of the company was very clear that “there are always rumors about what to expect from T-Mobile ahead of every Uncarrier event and this is part of the fun and we really love it!”

T-Mobile using Uncarrier 10 campaign to lure more users from rivals

The latest Uncarrier 10 is actually another of the many attempts of T-Mobile to lure more customers from other competitors such as Verizon and AT&T and bring them to their platform. Under the Uncarrier banner, the company has for the past two years been rolling out consumer-friendly offers that range from eliminating contracts to even going to the extent of offering free international data.

Well, it is true to say that this strategy has worked in favor of the company, as the past few quarters have seen T-Mobile add more subscribers to its name when compared to its closest rivals.

Is this a costly move for T-Mobile?

While the company might be doing whatever it can to give the users what they most desire – free unlimited data services, it may also be losing a lot in terms of input.

There is no doubt that video is the most bandwidth-intensive media on the web and even the company should be aware that giving people access to video streams on an unlimited scale will definitely hike the costs currently being incurred by the carrier. This is true because more and more customers have been moving over to this network and basically, all of its high speed pipes have been filled up.

If this offer comes into play, it will be a blow in the face of T-Mobile’s rivals as most of these companies are working around mechanisms that keep customers off apps that are data hogs; for instance, unlimited video streaming services. This offer will also be similar to what the company is already offering with its Music Freedom program, where one can stream unlimited music for free. The service already supports major music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Rhapsody.