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Apple has released its iOS 9.2 BETA 1 earlier this week to those who are members of the Apple Developer Program, however, it seems that from now on, the iOS BETA 1 can be accessed by everyone, because it is currently public.

We remind you that the first iOS 9.2 BETA comes only a week after Apple has released the final version of the iOS 9.1 to the public, we remind you that the public beta is mostly the same build as the one released for the developers a few days ago and has no major changes.

According to Apple, the new iOS 9.2 comes with changes to the Safari View Controller, this is actually what powers the browser window in third party applications that you choose to use, such as Tweetbot or any other.

If you’ve already enrolled in the Public Beta program, you should be able to update your iDevice to 9.2 BETA 1 via the usual Software Update mechanism that’s found in your device’s Settings->General->Software update.

However, if, you are not enrolled in the Apple’s Beta Program, you can do this by going to and tap on the sign up button, keep in mind that you will need an Apple ID to signup for this program and once you accept the terms and conditions, you will be able to receive the iOS 9.2 BETA on your iDevice.

For now, there is no clear indication when the final version of the iOS 9.2 will be released to the public, but according to rumors this will most likely happen sometime at the end of November.

Have you updated your iPod, iPad or iPhone to iOS 9.2 BETA? Tell us your thoughts about the latest update available for the public.